A culmination of a love story ... Claire and James

I’m always honored to be a part of someone’s wedding day, and Claire’s and James’ special day was no exception. The fact that I had the joy of capturing the culmination of the love story of Claire and James was truly humbling.

Their wedding was a celebration of a special connection that was sparked in 7th grade when Claire announced she met the man she was going to marry. Because of this spark that started so young, the families knew each other incredibly well and were obviously very comfortable around one another. The comfortability was made even more so because of my relationship with the bride. Several years ago, I had the privilege of taking Claire’s senior photos and it was a pure delight to celebrate another important milestone with her.

As anyone who has been part of a wedding day knows, the emotion doesn’t wait for the ceremony, it can be found in the preparations - in the form of human touch, smiles and even the location of the ceremony. Claire and James chose The Barn at Dunvilla, a unique country destination for their wedding. From the charm of “The Barn”, to the white stringed lights and the swoop of the tulle, to the engagement photos that decorated the inside space and the breathtaking views of the outer surroundings, this location had a genuine romantic feel and was the ideal location for celebrating the love between Claire and James.

I had been looking forward to this wedding since their engagement photos earlier this year! Working with Claire and James was amazing and we built a great relationship, dare I say friendship, in the process. Taking their engagement pictures allowed me an opportunity to interact with them as a couple, a chance to see what they were comfortable with, what put them at ease and what made them laugh. This was also an opportunity for them to get to know me so they wouldn’t feel awkward with some stranger on the other side of the camera. The engagement pictures, the consultations and all the pre-wedding conversations helps us plan, helped me learn what was important to them and most importantly helped minimize the wedding day stress.

On their wedding day, Claire and James were relaxed and laid back and had a lovely wedding that matched their lovely personalities. It was a beautiful day to capture those special moments of love and natural emotion including the first-look, the ceremony, the reception and the special dances of the event. It was important to capture every picture the couple wanted through both traditional and candid shots and in doing so capture memories that would be special for Claire and James for years to come.

Every detail helps tell the story. From things as tiny as the handmade wooden heart box for the rings to the groom’s “special” socks, details help tell the story of the day for generations to come. I loved the stunning bridal bouquet, the natural light of the bridal suite, the delicate lace wedding gown and the simple and elegant table decorations. The small things are what tells part of the story that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, may not have been seen by the family or maybe what a loved one will look at for inspiration for her future big day.

It was an honor to spend their special day with Claire and James - to capture their love story and create their first heirloom as husband and wife.

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