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A culmination of a love story ... Claire and James

I’m always honored to be a part of someone’s wedding day, and Claire’s and James’ special day was no exception. The fact that I had the joy of capturing the culmination of the love story of Claire and James was truly humbling.

Their wedding was a celebration of a special connection that was sparked in 7th grade when Claire announced she met the man she was going to marry. Because of this spark that started so young, the families knew each other incredibly well and were obviously very comfortable around one another. The comfortability was made even more so because of my relationship with the bride. Several years ago, I had the privilege of taking Claire’s senior photos and it was a pure delight to celebrate another important milestone with her.

As anyone who has been part of a wedding day knows, the emotion doesn’t wait for the ceremony, it can be found in the preparations - in the form of human touch, smiles and even the location of the ceremony. Claire and James chose The Barn at Dunvilla, a unique country destination for their wedding. From the charm of “The Barn”, to the white stringed lights and the swoop of the tulle, to the engagement photos that decorated the inside space and the breathtaking views of the outer surroundings, this location had a genuine romantic feel and was the ideal location for celebrating the love between Claire and James.

I had been looking forward to this wedding since their engagement photos earlier this year! Working with Claire and James was amazing and we built a great relationship, dare I say friendship, in the process. Taking their engagement pictures allowed me an opportunity to interact with them as a couple, a chance to see what they were comfortable with, what put them at ease and what made them laugh. This was also an opportunity for them to get to know me so they wouldn’t feel awkward with some stranger on the other side of the camera. The engagement pictures, the consultations and all the pre-wedding conversations helps us plan, helped me learn what was important to them and most importantly helped minimize the wedding day stress.

On their wedding day, Claire and James were relaxed and laid back and had a lovely wedding that matched their lovely personalities. It was a beautiful day to capture those special moments of love and natural emotion including the first-look, the ceremony, the reception and the special dances of the event. It was important to capture every picture the couple wanted through both traditional and candid shots and in doing so capture memories that would be special for Claire and James for years to come.

Every detail helps tell the story. From things as tiny as the handmade wooden heart box for the rings to the groom’s “special” socks, details help tell the story of the day for generations to come. I loved the stunning bridal bouquet, the natural light of the bridal suite, the delicate lace wedding gown and the simple and elegant table decorations. The small things are what tells part of the story that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, may not have been seen by the family or maybe what a loved one will look at for inspiration for her future big day.

It was an honor to spend their special day with Claire and James - to capture their love story and create their first heirloom as husband and wife.

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We are hiring!

If your are interested in this position or have a friend that would be interested, please thoroughly read the guidelines below.  The link to apply can be found at the bottom of the blogpost. 

If your are interested in this position or have a friend that would be interested, please thoroughly read the guidelines below.  The link to apply can be found at the bottom of the blogpost. 

All applications are due no later that January 7th, 2018.

What we are looking for:                                                                                                                     

  • highly organized & reliable with excellent communication skills
  • ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously & adapt easily to last minute changes
  • efficient in time management
  • handle customer conflicts & be able to resolve them
  • attention to detail
  • positive attitude & friendly at all times
  • experience in Photoshop & Lightroom is helpful but not necessary
  • ability to use financial software such as Quickbooks
  • outstanding customer service skills
  • is creative & has a passion for photography
  • is a team player
  • values communication, feedback & growth
  • a great work ethic, problem solve independently & is very responsible                                                                                                                                 

Things you can expect from us if you join our team:

  • how to contribute to and interact with a small team
  • a positive working atmosphere
  • the basics of using social media to grow an individual platform within a business
  • vendor relationships & networking
  • what it takes to make a session successful
  • tools to assist in excellent customer service
  • constant feedback and encouragement

Important information:

  • This position is part time, and hours will differ by seasons
  • Hours will be Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 9 am-5 pm
  • The starting pay is $10-$12/hour
  • Our interview process is not quick, we want to be effective & choose the best fit! 

If you have carefully read through all of the information & are ready to apply, click the link below!


Kim's Health Journey


Kim's Health Journey

Three months ago after simply taking my contacts out for the night, I experienced a painful burning in my eyes. Two emergency room visits, daily trips to the eye doctor, many different types of medications and two specialists later we had a diagnosis. Somehow, I managed to pick up a rare fungus that managed to get into both of my eyes.

During the time it has taken for my eyes to heal from the multiple cuts to my cornea’s (more than two months), I found out what it is like to have to “let go” of all the daily things we take for granted and instead rely on everyone else around us for assistance. I have always known I had great friends and family, but now I know how incredible it is to have people who are just there for you without being asked. People who just take over so you can recover. Our family couldn’t have done it alone.

Without your eyes, you become very vulnerable. You learn to put your trust into those around you and let go of the the control you normally have. Unless you have a driver to take you places, being housebound for three months takes away a lot of things we take for granted - like simply picking up your kids from school or grabbing a container of milk when you are out. My husband Scott has been my rock through all of this. He has literally been my superman!

You are probably thinking the same thing I was … what if I cannot continue a career of photography. In the beginning, my fears and worry were overwhelming. What was going to happen to my career and our business if I didn’t regain my eyesight? The professionals I am surrounded by stepped in and have been able to handle most everything since September 8! I am incredibly thankful for their knowledge, professionalism, flexibility, willingness and patience!

With them beside me, we were able to complete the school pictures, the fall sports pictures, business professional head shots and weddings that were all pre-booked months beforehand.

We are also thankful to our clients for their understanding and patience as were were unable to function at 100 percent. My family, the staff and I are grateful you haven’t given up on us.

What does the future hold?
My corneas have healed as far as the cuts and abrasions are concerned, but have left scars that run through my pupils, mainly on my left eye. This means that once the fungus is completely gone (it’s a very long process), then we will know if a surgical procedure will be necessary to restore full eyesight. There is a chance that overtime the scars may fade on their own.

As the Mayo doctor explained to me when I told him what I did for a living, he compared my eyesight to a camera lens. He said, “if you took your camera lens and took a chunk out of the middle of the guts of it there would be distortion.” He continued to tell us how that is similar to what the scarring has done to my left pupil.

Thanks to this doctor and the my fabulous medical specialist in Crosby, I am adjusting to the distortion and with my glasses on, I can see enough to bet back to some normalcy.

With the help of family and friends, I am looking forward to 2018 and the improvements that will continue to happen!

Thank you and Happy Holidays,
Kimberly Woods


Creating a legacy of love


Creating a legacy of love


Every little girl dreams of her big day, the day she marries her prince charming. The love story probably started when she was in elementary school and continued to her wedding day. It’s truly a privilege to be invited as the wedding photographer to such an anticipated event and capture and document their unique story for decades to come. 

There is not a single detail that a bride does not put at least one second of time into and the Davis/Wolden wedding was no exception. From Rachel’s dress to her Jimmy Choo's to her bridesmaids, the cake, the flowers and Carlos Creek Winery as the venue - everything was absolutely stunning.

Every wedding is different and every couple makes their own choices, places emphasis on particular parts of the day and designs their wedding in the way they want to celebrate it. As the professional photographer chosen to capture the day, it’s our goal to capture every single detail of a year’s worth of planning in just a few hours and then edit those images meticulously to provide the bride and groom with an everlasting and treasured testament of THEIR dream story.

At Rex Studio, we believe that engagement pictures are also an important part of their dream story. We took Rachel and Justin’s engagement photos in Grand Forks, ND. Because of the distance, nearly three hours away, most of our conversations from discussing the specifics of the engagement photos to the details of the wedding, we relied on e-mail and phone for our planning. Rachel and Justin chose their “Save the Date” photo and approved the design via e-mail and were pleasantly surprised to see the package delivered to their doorstep so soon after approval. Rachel and Justin came into the studio just once and after seeing each other in North Dakota when I shot the engagement photos, we didn’t see each other again until the wedding day. 

I am a hopeless romantic at heart and a professional photographer by choice. As a wedding photographer, I am at my most creative when I can roam around the wedding capturing those moments you may never have even noticed happening during the wedding day itself. Wedding days go so fast, and I want the moments in time I capture to take you back to the day and bring your magical day back to life, over and over. There are so many shots that I love from this wedding and each one plays its own role in telling the story. Individually, they don’t really mean much, but together they tell a unique, timeless and beautiful love story.

The photo that makes me smile the most every time I look at it is the photo of genuine happiness of Rachel, Justin and all their friends and family at the conclusion of the ceremony. Something about Justin jumping in the air puts a smile on my face everytime!

It’s moments like these when you truly believe that dreams can come true.


As popular as digital images have become, nothing can take the place of holding an actual wedding photo album in your hands. That’s especially true when it comes to chronicling your wedding day. I’d love to make your wedding photo album the first family heirloom of your married life and a tangible reminder of one of the biggest days of your life. Our team at Rex Studio believes that a photo taken by a professional photographer who takes the time to understand your story makes the difference between having a party, versus creating a milestone event. Portraits on the wall, framed pictures on your shelves and albums on the coffee table help your love stay more real and help your friends and family relate and relive your story. Call us at 218-631-3129 to learn more.


What do you want your story to say?



Behind The Lens

Hiya, I’m Kimberly Woods, a custom, professional photographer specializing in babies, high school seniors and weddings. I am a “local girl”. I grew up in Wadena, graduated from Wadena-Deer Creek High School and feel blessed that my children will graduate (McKayla this year...YIKES!) from the same school my husband, Scott, and I did.


My studio is located in central Minnesota. Rex McDonald opened the studio in 1938, and I am honored to carry on his tradition of creating beautiful photographs that last a lifetime. Similar to my studio in Alexandria, Rex Studio is cozy, relaxing and welcoming to all clients, and their little ones. I truly believe that I have one of the most fun and rewarding jobs that exists. I get to meet the most amazing families, take their portraits, make them feel beautiful and preserve priceless memories.

I love people. It may sound like a clique, but it is true. I love that people are weird, beautiful and funny. I believe that everybody should have a stunning picture of themselves every decade of life. Photography can freeze time and make an instant last forever. They have the power to evoke feelings, tears and smiles for years to come.

Before I take a picture, I compose it in my mind. Like a wise person once said, professional photography isn’t about gimmicks or tricks - like anything wonderful, it is a mix of talent, hard work and experience. Custom professional photography is a combination of the client(s), their surroundings and the raw emotion of the moment.

From personal experience, I know that choosing not only “a”, but the “right” photographer for your family and your expectations is a big deal. Whomever you choose, will not only be taking a photo, but they will be capturing a moment in time. There is conversation, attention to detail and much thought involved in creating photos that not only special to you today, but are heirlooms for future generations.

Photography can freeze time and hold still those milestones that seem to pass in the blink of an eye. I pride myself on capturing the authentic side of people so that next year, or the next decade, friends and family can look back through the photos and see the beauty that was in that moment. It is my greatest honor to have clients thrilled with their photos and excited to display them in their home or with loved ones.

When I’m not shooting, you can likely find me spending time with my family, making MaryKay memories with my mom … and, my coffee (and on those special days - chai coffee from Cyber Cafe) is most likely within reach.

I’m excited to tell you that this blog is the beginning of many more wonderful things to come, including a refreshed brand and a new website. Questions are always welcome by sending me an e-mail at

I’m so glad you’re here! Let’s go make memories together.


~ Kimberly Woods, professional photographer and friend