Kloe Pettit-Sperling - Senior Model, Class of 2017

Kloe is a high school senior at Wadena-Deer Creek High School in central Minnesota. She enjoys snowboarding, playing the piano and indulging in Cookie Dough flavored ice cream. After graduation, Kloe wants to become a music therapist. 

A few fun facts about Kloe:

  • Favorite website: Google
  • First crush: Sam Kelderman
  • Random fact about Kloe: She talks in her sleep
  • Favorite type of social media: Snapchat
  • Biggest accomplishment: Passing her driver's test the FIRST time
  • Dream Job: Travel the world while making money
  • One thing very few people know about Kloe: She is terrified of sharks, but loves to watch "Shark Week" on t.v.