Jessalyn Rondestvedt - Senior Model, Class of 2017

Jessalyn is a high school senior at Wadena-Deer Creek High School in central Minnesota. Jess likes playing tennis, golfing, writing, taking road trips, painting, listening to music and laughing. After graduation, Jess wants to earn a college degree, become a blog writer, get married and have eight kiddos. 

A few fun facts about Jessalyn:

  • Favorite dessert: Blue Bunny Birthday Cake ice cream
  • Three things Jess can't live without: Grilled cheese sandwiches, laughing and her camera/phone
  • Favorite type of social media: Instagram
  • Last good book she read: "Live Original" by Sadie Robertson
  • A random Jess fact: Pop and carbonated drinks make her burp A LOT ... and instantly
  • Somethings very few people know about Jessalyn: She really enjoys budgeting and loves listening to people talk about something they are passionate about.